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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    CCO + Shoes + Lush

    K a few items I wanna talk about real quick.

    1. I went to the CCO (♥) and got some discounted/discontinued MAC items! (TENDERTONES!) Gotta love discounts! Anyways, I will post pictures when I get home tomorrow night. My family is on vaca for the weekend in WI Dells so when I get home, I will put up some pics!

    2. Also got 3 new pairs of heels from Nine West on sale! In WI, all they have is an outlet mall. And honestly, I am in LOVE. I got 3 pairs of heels for $130, and normal price it would have cost me well over $250. Again, I'll post pics when I get home. =] 

    3. I really want to go to LUSH tomorrow night and wanted some recommendations. Any insight would be helpful. Rants and raves, you know. I've seen a ton of reviews and there's quite a bit on my list. I'll probably get the smallest sizes of everything to get a feel for it. Or even get some samples and then if I like it, go back for more. That's the smart way to do things. If there's one thing to know about me, it's that a scent can change my whole day. I love things that smell good. Soaps, lotions, shampoo, etc. Scents have a way of making my day better so if I like the smell, I tend to go all out. We'll see if Lush manages to do that to me. =] Hahaha!

    4. I made a new thing on top of my page!! =] I have photoshop and I really like designing graphics! I found the picture out there on the internet (let's face it - I'm no photographer) and just played around with it. It's simple but cute. If anyone ever wants one, I would be more than happy to make it. =] Give me a picture and what words you want on it and what colors. 


    Krystallia said...

    Cant wait for pictures of what u bought!!I love the change,very artistic :))We dont have Lush here but on youtube TiffanyD(is that right?)has some very helpfull reviews on these products:))Have a wonderful week!!

    Zoella. said...

    Check out my blog for some lush products (quite a few infact) I've been naughty. :O If you want a review of anything, just let me know :) x