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    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Sorry x A Million!!!

    I know I said I would have pictures up by now, but I've been studying like mad for this Stats exam I have! It's tomorrow morning. I think I'm gonna try to post pictures afterwards. My fiance is flying in tomorrow night (♥ !!!!) I'm SO excited! I can't promise a ton of posting this weekend, but sometimes I can sneak in while he gets into his video game mode! =] I did take a picture of my new shoes though, which hopefully I'll get a chance to wear this weekend! 

    They're not super tall but they're comfy and on they were on a hell of a damn good sale. =] They're pretty simple too, but I like that. As you can see, too, I FOUND THE CORD TO MY CAMERA!!!!! =] Thank the Lord! I'm gonna try to post pics of my CCO haul this weekend.

    I bought Lush products. I'm not loving or hating it to be honest, which really makes me sad. I really wanted to love them. I just don't think they're anything that special. Here's what I got:

    -Coalface (-) (Nice -- but nothing special)
    -Tea Tree Water Toner (-) (Doesn't do much)
    -Mask of Magnaminty (-) (LITTLE BUMPS ON CHIN AND FOREHEAD!)
    -Love Lettuce Mask (Haven't tried)
    -Ocean Salt Mask (Haven't tried)
    -Vanishing Cream (-)
    -Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel
    -Buffy Body Butter (♥)
    -Whoosh Shower Jelly (♥)
    -Therapy Massage Bar (♥)
    -Porridge Soap (♥)
    -Rockstar Soap  (A little sweet for me)
    -Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (♥)
    -Sultana Soap

    (-) = Wouldn't buy again 
    (♥) =  Like/love and would consider buying again

    So overall...not that happy because my face is bumpy =/ I think I'm just too sensitive to their products. The body stuff is nice though. I'll post later on with my CCO haul! Love you ladiesss! 


    Meya said...

    love the shoes!

    Krystallia said...

    The shoes are amazing,love all of them,and the heel is fine to me,if they are comfortable this is what matters!Good luck with your exams!!!And of course have a wonderful weekend..

    [sierra.elizabeth] said...

    I broke out from Mask of Magnaminty too! I guess it's happening to a lot of people so now I know that it probably wasn't any of the other products I was using at the time.