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    Monday, March 16, 2009

    New Piercing!

    Forgive me that I haven't posted my collection pics yet. I think I'm gonna take them next commercial break! hahaha It seems like you guys are into it, so I think I'll give it a go! =]

    Onto the reason I haven't put up pictures yet...

    New lip piercing! =] I ♥ it

    Excuse the following:
    1. No lipstick -- couldn't wear any.
    2. The redness around my nose -- I have a cold.
    3. My dork of a brother in the back. =]
    4. Crappy hair -- I woke up late hahah
    We were on our way to a family party lol

    I'm definitely into piercings and tattoos. I got my first tattoo this summer and, outside of the typical ear piercings, I've had my nose pierced. (I took it out cause it got annoying lol) But I definitely want more tattoos (2 on each side of my pelvis) and I still want my belly button pierced. I'm not about to cover my body, but I like them in general. On others and the little things on myself. I like the little bit of rebel in me. =] (Needless to say, my father does not lol)

    But yes. That's all for now -- I'm thoroughly exhausted. I got 5 hours of sleep last night. Post-piercing excitement prevented me from sleeping. And the fact I was starving and unable to eat right away. Well, anything besides ice cream lol

    How do you feel about piercings/tattoos? Do you have any? I would love to see pics and/or hear about them!

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    Krystallia said...

    What are you saying????You look like a doll even without lipstick and your hair look fantastic!I like piercing and tatoos very much when i see it on others(especially the belly,love it) but i wouldnt do it on me 1)because i am now 35 years old and i think that if i didnt do it when i was younger...2)i am scared like hell that i may feel the pain or be infected in some way,lol,