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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    Chanel Sunglasses & Tiffany Keys

    Hi ladies! So my mom and I went shopping yesterday because it was raining. And when it rains in Florida, there is nothing better to do. =] Well I save up money just to come here because I actually have more time to shop and whatnot. My mom and I love getting the chance to shop together!

    But anyways, I finally bought a new pair of sunglasses for the first time in over 3 years! I've had the same pair of Chanel sunglasses forever. I really love them and I promised myself I wouldn't fork over the money for another pair unless I REALLY loved them. And yesterday, I found them.

    They are Chanel and they are a butterfly shape. They have a pearl on each side and they fit perfectly. I can't wear big sunglasses because of the shape of my head so these are beyond perfect for me. I can't wear those HUGE sunglasses that cover my eyebrows because I look like a bug! lol So I jumped all over these and they are completely worth the money to me. Don't mind the pose -- I'm a goof. =] 

    Then onto the necklace. Lorraine showed everyone her Tiffany key necklace on Twitter and it was beautiful. I ♥ keys. To be honest, I haven't been on Tiffany's site out of self restraint. (Seriously, who can resist that beautiful Tiffany blue box?!) BUT these necklaces pulled me in and they're beautiful. You can see I'm wearing it in the picture. It's the larger version of the heart key pendant (2 inches, the other is 1 inch) on an 18 inch chain in sterling silver. 

    They have SO many styles. Different size chains and different pendants ranging  from gold to silver to platinum and diamond. The woman in the store said these are going to be a HUGE hit, much like the famous Tiffany hearts. I want to save up and buy more. I may ask for a longer/larger one for my birthday. You can put more than one on a chain. There's so much variety. You can make a necklace that looks like no one else's just because you have so many choices, which is nice. You can customize them to you and your style. It's better than my typical $5 jewelry from my local stores that ends up breaking. It's nice to buy a really good piece of jewelry every now and then. =]


    Meya said...

    love the sunglasses =]] imma follow you on twitter =]]

    courtney said...

    aww girly those glasses are SEXY and that necklace is soo cute! im obsessed with keys too, like 1/3 of my necklaces are keys.. i think i need this!!

    Krystallia said...

    First of all i absolutely love the new layout!!!Second, the glasses are awesome,i'll get a pair this year too.I like the face very much..lol..The necklace looks gorgeous,havent tried keys before...

    Jackie said...

    ok seriously i want some butterfly sunglasses now, i keep seeing them on everyone and they're so adorable!

    btw good work the layout rocks!