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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Grand Duos Haul!

    I know this is late, but it's still going up! I bought these last week and I forgot that I actually took a picture of them! 

    Blushes from the top going clockwise:
    Intenso, Light Over Dark, Love Rock, Grand Duo
    And in the top right is Beauty Marked eye shadow ♥

    1) Intenso -- hard to blend and very pigmented. I really had to work at it with my 129 to get it where I wanted it to go. The color though is so lovely! It literally took me 1 or 2 light dabs in the blush to get enough color, which is awesome. I wont need as much so it will last me longer. I like when my money goes a long way. =]
    2) Light Over Dark -- so far this is my favorite. I like browner blushes almost better than the light pink ones. I've had a bit of a hormonal break out so I steer away from pink blushes. (TIP: Wearing anything pink/red will make acne stand out more!) So this has been my best friend lately. I reeeeally like this color.
    3) Love Rock -- this is the pink I have dreamed of. It is beautiful! Again, haven't been wearing it much cause of my breakouts, but the color is phenomenal. HIGHLY recommend if you like pink blush! This is kind of what HK's Tippy should have been!
    4) Grand Duo -- again, I love this one. It's a pretty plum color and it looks great on fair skin tones. I used it on my friend (NW15) and it looked great! I actually mixed in a little of the Light Over Dark and she rocked it! I don't think there's any in this collection I wouldn't recommend.
    5) Beauty Marked -- this is a new favorite. I'm so fair that it's hard for me to really wear Carbon. I mean I can blend all day, but I can only use VERY little. Otherwise, I look like I got punched in the face. Beauty Marked is a good option for those with fair skin. It is a great crease color and can be pair with a lot of colors. It is much like my other favorite crease color, Sketch. It has a little bit more gold reflects in it, but they don't really show up when you blend it in, which I like. I don't want to look like a disco ball. =]

    Moon River -- it's a highlighter. I have so many highlighters I just didn't need another. I am so fair and the color just kind of looked like shimmer on my skin. And honestly, because of the oil in my skin, I don't use highlighters everyday. They make me look more shiny by the end of the day.
    Earth to Earth -- this was also too light. It basically blended into my skin. It's a lighter version of Light Over Dark. For $22/piece, I just didn't see the need to get this one. This wasn't really anything special to me.


    Krystallia said...

    I also got(thanks to my sister)Intenso,Grand Duo & Hot Planet and i regreted not buying Love Rock now that i see it better :)And i thought Light Over Dark would look darker but its lovely!!!Maybe i still can find something...Love the eyeshadow too,i think i have it in my list,:)Isnt MAC an addiction??I want to throw away all my other make up and buy only mac,lol!!

    mizzworthy said...

    Great review! Glad you tried a few of the different grand duos as well - everyone seems to have bought love rocks or moon river, but not many have bought the other colours, so its' nice to see something different! Great review too xxx