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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    Collection Part 2

    Sorry I haven't updated much! I was drowning in school before Spring Break trying to get everything done. But I have arrived in Florida where it is absolutely beautiful and I haven't felt this stress-free in a very long time! I want to blog as much as I can here because I have so much time compared to at home where school takes over my life!

    So here is the rest of my collection. The 2 drawers that I forgot to take a picture of:

    Drawer #1: Lippies

    In this drawer we have 3 tender tones (CCO! ♥), lip conditioners, some NYX lip glosses that I put into MAC jars, some drug store lipsticks, Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip plumpers, YSL gloss, 2 Lip Fusions, NYX lipsticks (no pigmentation! too sheer on me!), 2 lip liners. On the bottom we have NYX glosses, Nars glosses, and MAC glosses. Lip gloss has always been a favorite of mine so the collection has gotten quite large over time. I love Nars and MAC the most. There's an extra lipstick holder at the top too that I'll whip out when I can fill it.

    Drawer #2: Jewelry, Pigments, Paint Pots, Misc.

    So that's my every day jewelry. I know, it's a mess, but honestly, it works. Nothing has ever gotten tangled and I can just grab and go. It's easy for me. On the right we have my paint pots on the bottom. Above that are my pigments and tweezers lol. And above that my Visine for foiling and some other tools!

    So that's it! Hope you all enjoyed my total collection! When I get home, I will be taking pictures of my 4 MAC palettes for you guys (upon request). Those are my favorite. ♥ 

    My fiance asked me, 
    "Have you given any thought to a wedding date yet?"
    I said, 
    "We can get married when you can support my makeup addiction."
    He said, 
    "Guess we're never getting married."
    Lol ohhh I love that boy. He makes me laugh. =]


    Zoella. said...

    haha, oh dear!! Love you lipgloss collection. That's impressive missy x

    Krystallia said...

    Love the rest of the collection :))) And i am so happy for your fiance he sounds funny :))Its important to have laughter in our lives and please do set a date soon,lol!!!Sorry but i love weddings!!

    Jackie said...

    Wow, I'm so jealous I only have like 6 lip products.. I love how organzied it is!

    Okay, does your finance give you crap too? .. My boyfriend just doesn't understand "why I need 10 brown shadows that all look the same" hahaha ..silly boys :)

    deannamargaret said...

    @Krystallia, we're aiming for May 2011 or 2012. We need to get on our feet and save. Plus we're having a destination wedding so it takes a bit longer to plan. But trust me, I'll be getting on all my wedding planning once school is out! =] Maybe this will turn into a wedding blog just for you? lol Makeup with wedding details.

    deannamargaret said...

    @Jackie, Omg my fiance is the same way. He just shakes his head when he sees my makeup collection. He's like, "why do you have like 15 white colors?!" lmao! They never understand! It's the same reason why he feels he needs all those stupid photoshop brushes for his graphic designing. But no those are okay cause they're free lol