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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Opinions On Collections?

    What is your opinion of people showing their collection of makeup? Do you like it or do you consider it bragging? Can't stand it? Let me know. 

    I was going to take a picture of my new storage, but I wanted opinions first. It is never my intention to brag. I kinda just wanted to see where people stood on this. 

    I see collection videos all the time, and I honestly love them. I love seeing what people have. What they like, what they hate -- saves me money. See new ways to organize, seeing as that's my biggest issue. Too much stuff, not enough space.  

    I just got these and I LOVE them so far. I have 3 stacked on top of each other, and I bought the wheels that attach at the bottom. I got 6 drawers total. 3 for makeup and 3 for hair stuff so now I can actually see my vanity! lol My stuff was stacking so high I almost couldn't see myself in the mirror anymore. I got these at The Container Store. This place is a neat freak's heaven. (Yes, I'm a neat freak!)

    I also got...
    I needed it so badly and I'm so glad I finally found one!

    Yay for organizing finally! I can't wait to move out and have more of my own space. Cross your fingers for me that my friend gets a new job soon and into an apartment we'll go! lol

    But please leave your opinions about collection videos/pictures in your comment! =]


    Zoella. said...

    I actually quite like collection videos, I always find myself watching them on youtube. Like you said, It's great if u want to find out about a product before buying it. I recently posted my storage, but it wasn't really a collection video as i didnt go into depth, purely because it would take SOOO long haha. But i would review something i thought others should know about. Hope that makes sense :) the lipstick holder looks great x

    Krystallia said...

    I love watching other people's make up collection,just like u said it,to see the organization each one has,get ideas what to buy,if it wasnt for those videos or blogs i would never get anything from mac since we dont have a store here(i know i repeat it all the time,lol,maybe someone would see it and open it finally!!).I dont think everyone who does it is because he wants to bragg,please do one,lol!!!Also i so much LOVED the drawers!!!!They are awesome,my aluminum case is almost full and i've been searching for a more "steady"solution but i dont have the space neither in my bathroom nor in my bedroom(what a spacy house huh?LOL)But i will make room eventually,so...Sorry for the big comment,i really like the way u write!!And get an app soon!!!!

    sabrina said...

    these questions made me think because i just posted a post on my makeup collection. i dunno y i did it. i think i done it because i love seeing other peoples makeup collection. would loce to see yours

    Jackie said...

    I totally know what you mean, but pft I'd love to see your collection! I say go for it! .. and those storage things are soo cute. If you love The Container Store, you should check out the store Storables (if it's in your state) ..aaaamazing!

    macosophy said...

    you should definitely show us your collection, i don't see why anyone would hate it. even if they do, they don't have to look at it.