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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    My Collection!

    1. No haters! =] This is not me bragging!
    2. I give up a lot to have the makeup that I do!
    3. My bathroom is from the 80's. We're re-doing it!
    4. I am NOT going through every single little thing!

    This is the top of my vanity. 
    From left to right:
    Hair products, hair clips (Juicy bag) perfumes/lotions, lipstick holder, eye brushes, face brushes, Clarisonic brush, makeup mirror from Sally's. 
    Notice, I'm in my pajamas! =]

    This is underneath my vanity. My makeup is in the set of drawers on the left, and my hair stuff and random stuff is in the drawers on the right. I'm only going through the makeup drawers! In the middle are my hot rollers from Sally's. I can't remember the brand at the moment!

    Here we have foundations, concealers, primers, powders. My 2 buffer brushes are also in here.  I'm aware this drawer is ridiculous. I need to get little separaters but I just got the drawers so that's on pause. Soon though! This works for now. =]

    This is my blush drawer. Well, blush + my Bare Minerals + my Fix+. My new Grand Duos are kinda just thrown on top. I should have organized! lol Anyways, we have all MAC and Nars in the container. Then on the left, there are some old Dior blushes. In the back, underneath the Bare Minerals, is my Coastal Scents contour palette. I have a random Clinique blush in there too that I don't really like lol

    K last drawer! This is my eye stuff! Back left corner: eyeliner/mascara/eyebrow pencils/shadesticks. I mean, anything skinny. You can pretty much guess what's in there. Underneath that are my Neutral and 88 palettes from Coastal Scents. To right right we have some NYX eyeshadows (bleh) and then I have my MAC palettes. I have 1 empty one, 4 filled with MAC eyeshadows, 1 filled with NYX eyeshadows. On top of that are my Nars eyeshadows (duos and singles). Then in the front left corner, I have little quads and whatnot. I have my UD palettes, a couple of MAC special edition palettes, my Hello Kitty, and I have a Bobbi Brown palette. Th onto the right front corner are my Mineralize eyeshadows and my extra jars. =]

    *Sigh* When I lay it out like this, it definitely is a lot. If there's anything you want to see up close, let me know! Like a post on my MAC palettes or brushes. I didn't feel like doing it in this post. I don't know if that would be interesting or not.

    I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the stuff in my 2 drawers! Coming soon!


    Meya said...

    great collection =]]

    sabrina said...

    im jealous, really jealous... looks lovely!

    macosophy said...

    that's a really great collection! i noticed that you have a lot of different foundations, so i was wondering if you would be willing to just briefly review all of them and compare them to each other? i'm very interested in YSL one that you have. thanks!

    pinkicedcupcake said...

    wow, your so lucky, just wondering what nars multiple you have and if you recomend them? z

    Krystallia said...

    Wow!!!What a collection...so far,lol!Love the drawers and how they fit under your vanity!!!Everything looks so organised and you have quite a lot,lol...Cant wait for part 2,:))!!Have a nice day sweetie!!

    deannamargaret said...

    @pinkicedcupcake, I have the Orgasm multiple! To be honest, I have yet to use it and I've had it since Christmas. I always forget about it and I never pick it up. On the other hand, my friend has it and she loves it. She really likes cream blushes. I'm not a fan, but I think it's a nice thing to have on vaca when you don't want to bring a lot. You can use it on eyes/lips/cheeks. It's more of a summer color to me. It is a nice texture though and I would recommend them if you like cream blushes. If you hate them, I wouldn't bother lol =] Oh, and it would last you a pretty long time, which is nice considering they're not cheap!

    courtney said...

    i definitely wanna see your palettes!!

    Superficialgirl said...

    Nice collection. I need to get organized! my make up is all over!

    Jackie said...

    holy moley i want i want!! haha that foundation and blush drawer is just ahh .. amazing!

    Colette said...

    I am so jealous. Could you make a review/overview of you NARS products?

    happy1234 said...

    Fantastic collection you have :)