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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    In and Out 005!

    I'm finally back after a wonderful weekend with my fiance! =] It was perfect and much needed. I never got a chance to post because we spent a lot of quality time together. I'm so exhausted I only have time for an In and Out so please forgive me! I know I've been promising to take pics from my CCO haul, but I'm trying really hard to get to that. I've had a lot of homework and now we're rearranging bedrooms in my house so it's a little chaotic right now. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night I'll get to that!

    Here's my dream wedding dress if anyone wants to see! =] 

    WHAT'S IN::
    1. Wedding Shows =]
    2. Brunette MSF (works well when I'm tan)
    3. OPI Russian Navy
    4. Applying fluidline with an angled brush over my 210
    5. YSL's Rouge Lipstick in 148 (Tea Rose) -- it's PERFECT!
    6. 4ish months till my 21st birthday!!
    7. My hair crimper 
    8. All my followers!! Love you guys! =]

    WHAT'S OUT::
    1. Teachers not posting exam grades
    2. Lush products making me break out really bad
    3. My fiance leaving...again. =[
    4. Having to wait till the semester's over to apply at MAC
    5. Seeing Grand Duos and not having them yet! lol
    6. Trying to lose weight for Spring Break 


    Jackie said...

    That dress is gorgeous! Are you applying to work at a mac counter? .. that's awesome!! :)

    deannamargaret said...

    @Jackie, thank youu! =] And I got told to apply 2 or 3 times now at my local MAC Pro store!! I was like, "Um what?" So I'm gonna do that, but I think they'll start me at a counter in one of my local malls before actually putting me into a store. That's IF I even get the job! lol

    Krystallia said...

    The dress is soo princess,:)) love,love,love it...I ordered two grand duo blushes as well as the HK blushes(my sister will post them shortly)Will post photos when i get them,the grand duos look really nice..I am very glad that u had your weekend as u wished:))Hope the week is as good!!!