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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Top 6 Recommended Liquid Foundations (Long!)


    I got this as a request, and considering I've tried my share of liquid foundations, I thought I would tell you what I thought of the ones I use. If you saw my collection post, you can see which ones I've tried and am currently a fan of. For a long time I used Bare Minerals (4 years!) before stress really took a toll on my face. College stress made me break out like never before. And then my fiance joined the Navy so you can imagine that wasn't easy. So now that I'm recovering (still have some scarring) I do use liquid foundation again. There are better options for me now than there were 4 years ago, and I use it almost daily now. So far none of the ones I will be mentioning have caused me to break out. 

    I also want to add that I don't use drugstore makeup because it makes me break out horribly and it always has. I know that there are great drugstore alternatives (Ex. Revlon Colorstay) that could be just as good and even more affordable! I have really sensitive skin. I apologize for not covering those brands, but I guarantee you there are a ton of lovely ladies out there who have. I always suggest looking at reviews before you buy something. It can save you more money than you think.

    I also have normal/combination skin. Meaning my skin is pretty normal but I have an oily t-zone. I do find myself getting a bit dry in the winter, but living in Chicago, I don't think it's totally avoidable. 


    1. MAC Studio Sculpt ($28): I was really skeptical about this foundation before it came out, but it is rapidly becoming my HG foundation. Here's why! It's long lasting on me. Between this and the Studio Sculpt concealer, my blemishes stay covered all day and night. All I find myself fixing up is my powder on my nose because I can't really find a foundation that stops oil completely lol. But this foundation keeps the shine down a lot longer than normal. This also doesn't feel heavy at all! It's very light but gives me full coverage. Also, it's very blendable and creamy. I really like the texture of it. Overall, I am a big fan of this and bring it absolutely everywhere. I only have to use a little over a dime size amount and this tube should last me a few months, if I use it every day. I do switch up on certain days and have my days where I don't wear liquid foundation at all. This foundation is definitely worth the money to me. It also has not made me break out, which I was surprised considering the new formulation. I have to admit that I was never really crazy about many MAC liquid foundations until this. I have SFF but this foundation is the best ever MAC liquid foundation. Period! 

    2. Chanel Mat Lumiere ($54): I find myself really loving this foundation. "Mat" says it all. This foundation keeps my nose from being shiny while I'm wearing it. It is very light, but gives me full coverage as well. This has a lot of qualities as the previous foundation and I hate to repeat. This one and the Studio Sculpt are more of a tie to me. I wear full coverage foundation because I have a lot of scarring. Many of you out there may not even need it, which is where my other foundations will come in handy. I prefer full coverage. There are days where I'm too lazy to apply liquid, and I give my face a rest, but I love wearing Mat Lumiere on my nights out. It's long lasting and evens out my skin tone amazingly. My one pet peeve with foundations is that I apply them and look in the mirror after a night out and see my scars. It drives me mad with regret! Foundations are not cheap so I hate when I've wasted money on something that just doesn't cut it for me. Chanel, however, does the trick. I recommend this for people who have a problem with an oily t-zone. I use my Prep & Prime and then apply this. It is perfect when you're going to have a long day or night. This one also did not make me break out whatsoever! 

    3. Makeup Forever HD Foundation ($40): After reading all the reviews about this foundation, I had to try it! And honestly, I love it. It's so light and gives me full coverage! It looks like my skin only better. It doesn't look like I have makeup caked on my face. This one gives me a slight glow and blends in perfectly with my skin. I find that I need more of this to get the coverage I want, but it's buildable. I find this to be more medium coverage with less and full coverage when I add more. It's a fantastic foundation. It's my best friend's HG foundation as well. It really makes the skin look natural. It didn't make me break out. It doesn't take me long to blend it in either, which is nice on those mornings when I'm running late to school! There isn't one thing I hate about this foundation, except maybe the price. But don't we all wish for a great foundation for cheap? lol This foundation is definitely a good one. They have a lot of shades to choose from. It also doesn't feel heavy -- this will probably be the perfect foundation for summer. In winter, I need a bit heavier coverage (Studio Sculpt).  In summer, my skin is more normal and I can wear lighter foundation or even just powder. 

    4. Diorskin Forever ($44): This was my first liquid foundation after getting off Bare Minerals, and it was awesome. It gave me great coverage! Didn't make me break out and blended okay. I thought this was the best foundation, until I tried others. Once I tried others, I found this to be a bit too heavy for me. But it's still one I go to. I wore this the night of my engagement party and my pictures came out really nice. I was suffering from a stress breakout just planning the thing and this baby did the trick. It covered everything! I actually wear this in the winter because I got the lightest shade possible. And it's super long lasting on me, which is necessary when you have snow and 30 mph winds blowing at you! lol =] So this is good. Not my absolute favorite, but still a good one to check out! It's definitely a full coverage foundation. If that's not what you're looking for, do not spend the money. It's definitely worth checking out though I think. It's always been in my top 5 so far. There are days where I pick it up, but it's just not as often as it used to be because I've found better since. 

    5. YSL Perfect Touch ($55): I know everyone refers to this as their HG foundation, but I'll tell you why I don't. Yes, it obviously makes my top 5. But this coverage isn't full enough for me. It's very sheer and it doesn't really cover my blemishes. To top it all off, the brush applicator drives me INSANE. I'm considering just ripping it off to be honest. So much product gets wasted. The applicator is nothing like a foundation brush and it doesn't do nearly the same thing, which is what I'm sure it's supposed to do. This will also be a summer foundation for me. In the winter, this just doesn't cut. However, it smells nice and it feels so soft and smooth. Like I said before, I need fuller coverage with all the scarring I still have, and unfortunately, this doesn't really cover any of it. I'm going to use this over the summer though because it feels incredibly light. It blends really nicely too. Doesn't make me break out. If you're more of a light-medium coverage girl, this foundation is for you. If you want full coverage from this, you'll have to apply buttloads of it. With perfect skin, this would be a great foundation. But for me, it just doesn't cover everything I need it to.

    6. MAC Studio Fix Fluid ($26): This used to be my #1 foundation, but it has slowly made its way to the bottom of the list. Once Studio Sculpt came out, this foundation fell to the back burner, but with good reason. The plus side to this is that it's very long lasting. I mean this stuff does not budge on me all day. It stays exactly where I put it. It also didn't make me break out, which was surprising for me. BUT it is cakey and heavy. It doesn't take much to get the full coverage you desire, but you can feel this stuff on. It feels like I am wearing a mask. I didn't realize how heavy it was till I tried some of the other foundations. I wear this when I know I wont have a chance to reapply my makeup at all after so many hours of working or going to school. It keeps all my blemishes covered, which as you can probably tell is a big reason why I love the foundations that I do. If I had to get any foundation from MAC though, it would be Studio Sculpt. I will use Studio Fix until I'm done with it, but I don't know if I will re-purchase it. 

    I apologize for the length of this post, but I hope you guys found it helpful! It's hard to sum up how I feel about a foundation in 3 sentences.The best advice I can give you when buying foundations is: ALWAYS ASK FOR A SAMPLE! I cannot stress that enough. It's better to dislike a sample than to dislike a $40 bottle of foundation, and then be stuck with it. So don't be afraid to ask for samples! My local MACs and Sephoras have absolutely no problem doing this. And anyone that does, isn't doing their job right! 

    Everyone has their own personal preference and your foundation should fit you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind what I like may not be what you like. I have different skin and live in a different place. Also, if you can find a drug store equivalent, buy it! There is nothing wrong with drug store makeup if it works for you. I wish it didn't make me break out so bad. I would probably have more money in the bank. =] 

    What's your favorite/holy grail foundation(s)?

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    Chanel Sunglasses & Tiffany Keys

    Hi ladies! So my mom and I went shopping yesterday because it was raining. And when it rains in Florida, there is nothing better to do. =] Well I save up money just to come here because I actually have more time to shop and whatnot. My mom and I love getting the chance to shop together!

    But anyways, I finally bought a new pair of sunglasses for the first time in over 3 years! I've had the same pair of Chanel sunglasses forever. I really love them and I promised myself I wouldn't fork over the money for another pair unless I REALLY loved them. And yesterday, I found them.

    They are Chanel and they are a butterfly shape. They have a pearl on each side and they fit perfectly. I can't wear big sunglasses because of the shape of my head so these are beyond perfect for me. I can't wear those HUGE sunglasses that cover my eyebrows because I look like a bug! lol So I jumped all over these and they are completely worth the money to me. Don't mind the pose -- I'm a goof. =] 

    Then onto the necklace. Lorraine showed everyone her Tiffany key necklace on Twitter and it was beautiful. I ♥ keys. To be honest, I haven't been on Tiffany's site out of self restraint. (Seriously, who can resist that beautiful Tiffany blue box?!) BUT these necklaces pulled me in and they're beautiful. You can see I'm wearing it in the picture. It's the larger version of the heart key pendant (2 inches, the other is 1 inch) on an 18 inch chain in sterling silver. 

    They have SO many styles. Different size chains and different pendants ranging  from gold to silver to platinum and diamond. The woman in the store said these are going to be a HUGE hit, much like the famous Tiffany hearts. I want to save up and buy more. I may ask for a longer/larger one for my birthday. You can put more than one on a chain. There's so much variety. You can make a necklace that looks like no one else's just because you have so many choices, which is nice. You can customize them to you and your style. It's better than my typical $5 jewelry from my local stores that ends up breaking. It's nice to buy a really good piece of jewelry every now and then. =]

    Sugar Sweet Haul!

    This is definitely late, but better than never I guess! I hate saying this collection did to me what HK did to me. I was SO excited, but then upon seeing the products, it really wasn't worth all the hype. I do have favorites though!

    What I bought:

    1. Sugarshot eyeshadow: this color is nothing special. I'm a neutrals girl so I always grab them even though this is nothing that isn't already in my collection. It was an unnecessary purchase.
    2. Aquavert eyeshadow: beautiful color. I have super green eyes so I'm attracted to all things green lol! I wish this was more pigmented however. 
    3. Club eyeshadow: this color is so unique and it's permanent so I have no clue why I haven't picked it up before. It's this beautiful brown-green and I love it. It's actually the perfect crease color for my eyes. And it's not so dark that it looks like I got punched in the eye. (I'll use this phrase a lot! lol Being pale, certain colors just make my eyes look bruised. Dark colors are hard for me to pull off without a tan!)
    4. Refined MSF (): I absolutely LOVE this. It is a beautiful coral color perfect for spring and summer. I don't have anything like it and it is beautiful.
    5. Consume Me Tricolor Lipglass: unnecessary purchase. It's nice though -- just nothing special. It basically is a clear gloss with a barely noticeable pink tint. Throw in some glitter and that's it. I mean it's really nothing unique. I have a major problem with these though. Mechanically, they suck. I get almost no color at all on the brush (doe foot type). I mean it takes me forever to get some color. And then to have all 3 colors mix together. It's just such a chore and lipgloss should never require this much work!
    6. Just Dessert Tricolor Lipglass: same as above. However, this one is definitely more pigmented. It's this sheer baby pink that I really like. It just takes forever to get the color out which really frustrates me, as you can tell.
    7. Bubbles lipstick: great color! I can wear it by itself but I honestly like putting it over other lipsticks to add that bit of extra shine. If I wear it alone, I put a lip gloss on top. I like it, but I don't know that I'm sad it's limited edition. I don't think I'll go running for this again, but it's nice to have.
    8. Saint Germain lipstick (): I've been envying the UK for having this, and it's finally here. I LOVE this color. It reminds me of a better version of MAC's Snob lipstick. It's a bit creamier, but not much. It's amplified which I love. It looks beautiful on. When they get rid of this, I will be stocking up. This and Fashion Mews have really had my heart.
    9. Cakeshop Shadestick: I really like this color! It has a green tint and it is a very unique color to me. Again, I have the green eyes so I'm attracted to anything green! lol
    10. Lemon Chiffon shadestick: I like this too. Probably nothing special, but I like shadesticks. They're small and easy to bring around. It's easier to travel with these than paint pots. These shadesticks are also a lot creamier than ones prior. I like them a lot!
    11. Peppermint Patty Nail Lacquer (): I am head over heels for this color! I know it's a love it or hate it kind of color. It looks so great on. It's a minty green that is beautiful. However, you do need 2 or 3 coats. I'm pretty sure all MAC nail polishes are like that though. I will most definitely be stocking up on this color if it ever gets discontinued!

    Collection Part 2

    Sorry I haven't updated much! I was drowning in school before Spring Break trying to get everything done. But I have arrived in Florida where it is absolutely beautiful and I haven't felt this stress-free in a very long time! I want to blog as much as I can here because I have so much time compared to at home where school takes over my life!

    So here is the rest of my collection. The 2 drawers that I forgot to take a picture of:

    Drawer #1: Lippies

    In this drawer we have 3 tender tones (CCO! ♥), lip conditioners, some NYX lip glosses that I put into MAC jars, some drug store lipsticks, Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip plumpers, YSL gloss, 2 Lip Fusions, NYX lipsticks (no pigmentation! too sheer on me!), 2 lip liners. On the bottom we have NYX glosses, Nars glosses, and MAC glosses. Lip gloss has always been a favorite of mine so the collection has gotten quite large over time. I love Nars and MAC the most. There's an extra lipstick holder at the top too that I'll whip out when I can fill it.

    Drawer #2: Jewelry, Pigments, Paint Pots, Misc.

    So that's my every day jewelry. I know, it's a mess, but honestly, it works. Nothing has ever gotten tangled and I can just grab and go. It's easy for me. On the right we have my paint pots on the bottom. Above that are my pigments and tweezers lol. And above that my Visine for foiling and some other tools!

    So that's it! Hope you all enjoyed my total collection! When I get home, I will be taking pictures of my 4 MAC palettes for you guys (upon request). Those are my favorite. ♥ 

    My fiance asked me, 
    "Have you given any thought to a wedding date yet?"
    I said, 
    "We can get married when you can support my makeup addiction."
    He said, 
    "Guess we're never getting married."
    Lol ohhh I love that boy. He makes me laugh. =]

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Grand Duos Haul!

    I know this is late, but it's still going up! I bought these last week and I forgot that I actually took a picture of them! 

    Blushes from the top going clockwise:
    Intenso, Light Over Dark, Love Rock, Grand Duo
    And in the top right is Beauty Marked eye shadow ♥

    1) Intenso -- hard to blend and very pigmented. I really had to work at it with my 129 to get it where I wanted it to go. The color though is so lovely! It literally took me 1 or 2 light dabs in the blush to get enough color, which is awesome. I wont need as much so it will last me longer. I like when my money goes a long way. =]
    2) Light Over Dark -- so far this is my favorite. I like browner blushes almost better than the light pink ones. I've had a bit of a hormonal break out so I steer away from pink blushes. (TIP: Wearing anything pink/red will make acne stand out more!) So this has been my best friend lately. I reeeeally like this color.
    3) Love Rock -- this is the pink I have dreamed of. It is beautiful! Again, haven't been wearing it much cause of my breakouts, but the color is phenomenal. HIGHLY recommend if you like pink blush! This is kind of what HK's Tippy should have been!
    4) Grand Duo -- again, I love this one. It's a pretty plum color and it looks great on fair skin tones. I used it on my friend (NW15) and it looked great! I actually mixed in a little of the Light Over Dark and she rocked it! I don't think there's any in this collection I wouldn't recommend.
    5) Beauty Marked -- this is a new favorite. I'm so fair that it's hard for me to really wear Carbon. I mean I can blend all day, but I can only use VERY little. Otherwise, I look like I got punched in the face. Beauty Marked is a good option for those with fair skin. It is a great crease color and can be pair with a lot of colors. It is much like my other favorite crease color, Sketch. It has a little bit more gold reflects in it, but they don't really show up when you blend it in, which I like. I don't want to look like a disco ball. =]

    Moon River -- it's a highlighter. I have so many highlighters I just didn't need another. I am so fair and the color just kind of looked like shimmer on my skin. And honestly, because of the oil in my skin, I don't use highlighters everyday. They make me look more shiny by the end of the day.
    Earth to Earth -- this was also too light. It basically blended into my skin. It's a lighter version of Light Over Dark. For $22/piece, I just didn't see the need to get this one. This wasn't really anything special to me.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    My Collection!

    1. No haters! =] This is not me bragging!
    2. I give up a lot to have the makeup that I do!
    3. My bathroom is from the 80's. We're re-doing it!
    4. I am NOT going through every single little thing!

    This is the top of my vanity. 
    From left to right:
    Hair products, hair clips (Juicy bag) perfumes/lotions, lipstick holder, eye brushes, face brushes, Clarisonic brush, makeup mirror from Sally's. 
    Notice, I'm in my pajamas! =]

    This is underneath my vanity. My makeup is in the set of drawers on the left, and my hair stuff and random stuff is in the drawers on the right. I'm only going through the makeup drawers! In the middle are my hot rollers from Sally's. I can't remember the brand at the moment!

    Here we have foundations, concealers, primers, powders. My 2 buffer brushes are also in here.  I'm aware this drawer is ridiculous. I need to get little separaters but I just got the drawers so that's on pause. Soon though! This works for now. =]

    This is my blush drawer. Well, blush + my Bare Minerals + my Fix+. My new Grand Duos are kinda just thrown on top. I should have organized! lol Anyways, we have all MAC and Nars in the container. Then on the left, there are some old Dior blushes. In the back, underneath the Bare Minerals, is my Coastal Scents contour palette. I have a random Clinique blush in there too that I don't really like lol

    K last drawer! This is my eye stuff! Back left corner: eyeliner/mascara/eyebrow pencils/shadesticks. I mean, anything skinny. You can pretty much guess what's in there. Underneath that are my Neutral and 88 palettes from Coastal Scents. To right right we have some NYX eyeshadows (bleh) and then I have my MAC palettes. I have 1 empty one, 4 filled with MAC eyeshadows, 1 filled with NYX eyeshadows. On top of that are my Nars eyeshadows (duos and singles). Then in the front left corner, I have little quads and whatnot. I have my UD palettes, a couple of MAC special edition palettes, my Hello Kitty, and I have a Bobbi Brown palette. Th onto the right front corner are my Mineralize eyeshadows and my extra jars. =]

    *Sigh* When I lay it out like this, it definitely is a lot. If there's anything you want to see up close, let me know! Like a post on my MAC palettes or brushes. I didn't feel like doing it in this post. I don't know if that would be interesting or not.

    I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the stuff in my 2 drawers! Coming soon!

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    New Piercing!

    Forgive me that I haven't posted my collection pics yet. I think I'm gonna take them next commercial break! hahaha It seems like you guys are into it, so I think I'll give it a go! =]

    Onto the reason I haven't put up pictures yet...

    New lip piercing! =] I ♥ it

    Excuse the following:
    1. No lipstick -- couldn't wear any.
    2. The redness around my nose -- I have a cold.
    3. My dork of a brother in the back. =]
    4. Crappy hair -- I woke up late hahah
    We were on our way to a family party lol

    I'm definitely into piercings and tattoos. I got my first tattoo this summer and, outside of the typical ear piercings, I've had my nose pierced. (I took it out cause it got annoying lol) But I definitely want more tattoos (2 on each side of my pelvis) and I still want my belly button pierced. I'm not about to cover my body, but I like them in general. On others and the little things on myself. I like the little bit of rebel in me. =] (Needless to say, my father does not lol)

    But yes. That's all for now -- I'm thoroughly exhausted. I got 5 hours of sleep last night. Post-piercing excitement prevented me from sleeping. And the fact I was starving and unable to eat right away. Well, anything besides ice cream lol

    How do you feel about piercings/tattoos? Do you have any? I would love to see pics and/or hear about them!

    Sunday, March 15, 2009


    I was nominated by the lovely, Krystallia ♥!  Thanks, sweetie! It means more to me than you think. Starting this blog, I didn't really think anyone would give 2 cents about my opinion, and I love all you girls. It's so nice to have people to relate to -- and convince my fiance I'm not the only one with this crazy obsession! 


    1. When you receive this award, show that you're happy to the giver!
    2. Nominate at least 5 blogs that you think rocks!
    3. Let them know about award in their post.
    4. Now blow like you've never blogged before!! =]]

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Opinions On Collections?

    What is your opinion of people showing their collection of makeup? Do you like it or do you consider it bragging? Can't stand it? Let me know. 

    I was going to take a picture of my new storage, but I wanted opinions first. It is never my intention to brag. I kinda just wanted to see where people stood on this. 

    I see collection videos all the time, and I honestly love them. I love seeing what people have. What they like, what they hate -- saves me money. See new ways to organize, seeing as that's my biggest issue. Too much stuff, not enough space.  

    I just got these and I LOVE them so far. I have 3 stacked on top of each other, and I bought the wheels that attach at the bottom. I got 6 drawers total. 3 for makeup and 3 for hair stuff so now I can actually see my vanity! lol My stuff was stacking so high I almost couldn't see myself in the mirror anymore. I got these at The Container Store. This place is a neat freak's heaven. (Yes, I'm a neat freak!)

    I also got...
    I needed it so badly and I'm so glad I finally found one!

    Yay for organizing finally! I can't wait to move out and have more of my own space. Cross your fingers for me that my friend gets a new job soon and into an apartment we'll go! lol

    But please leave your opinions about collection videos/pictures in your comment! =]

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    In and Out 005!

    I'm finally back after a wonderful weekend with my fiance! =] It was perfect and much needed. I never got a chance to post because we spent a lot of quality time together. I'm so exhausted I only have time for an In and Out so please forgive me! I know I've been promising to take pics from my CCO haul, but I'm trying really hard to get to that. I've had a lot of homework and now we're rearranging bedrooms in my house so it's a little chaotic right now. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night I'll get to that!

    Here's my dream wedding dress if anyone wants to see! =] 

    WHAT'S IN::
    1. Wedding Shows =]
    2. Brunette MSF (works well when I'm tan)
    3. OPI Russian Navy
    4. Applying fluidline with an angled brush over my 210
    5. YSL's Rouge Lipstick in 148 (Tea Rose) -- it's PERFECT!
    6. 4ish months till my 21st birthday!!
    7. My hair crimper 
    8. All my followers!! Love you guys! =]

    WHAT'S OUT::
    1. Teachers not posting exam grades
    2. Lush products making me break out really bad
    3. My fiance leaving...again. =[
    4. Having to wait till the semester's over to apply at MAC
    5. Seeing Grand Duos and not having them yet! lol
    6. Trying to lose weight for Spring Break 

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Sorry x A Million!!!

    I know I said I would have pictures up by now, but I've been studying like mad for this Stats exam I have! It's tomorrow morning. I think I'm gonna try to post pictures afterwards. My fiance is flying in tomorrow night (♥ !!!!) I'm SO excited! I can't promise a ton of posting this weekend, but sometimes I can sneak in while he gets into his video game mode! =] I did take a picture of my new shoes though, which hopefully I'll get a chance to wear this weekend! 

    They're not super tall but they're comfy and on they were on a hell of a damn good sale. =] They're pretty simple too, but I like that. As you can see, too, I FOUND THE CORD TO MY CAMERA!!!!! =] Thank the Lord! I'm gonna try to post pics of my CCO haul this weekend.

    I bought Lush products. I'm not loving or hating it to be honest, which really makes me sad. I really wanted to love them. I just don't think they're anything that special. Here's what I got:

    -Coalface (-) (Nice -- but nothing special)
    -Tea Tree Water Toner (-) (Doesn't do much)
    -Mask of Magnaminty (-) (LITTLE BUMPS ON CHIN AND FOREHEAD!)
    -Love Lettuce Mask (Haven't tried)
    -Ocean Salt Mask (Haven't tried)
    -Vanishing Cream (-)
    -Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel
    -Buffy Body Butter (♥)
    -Whoosh Shower Jelly (♥)
    -Therapy Massage Bar (♥)
    -Porridge Soap (♥)
    -Rockstar Soap  (A little sweet for me)
    -Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (♥)
    -Sultana Soap

    (-) = Wouldn't buy again 
    (♥) =  Like/love and would consider buying again

    So overall...not that happy because my face is bumpy =/ I think I'm just too sensitive to their products. The body stuff is nice though. I'll post later on with my CCO haul! Love you ladiesss! 

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    CCO + Shoes + Lush

    K a few items I wanna talk about real quick.

    1. I went to the CCO (♥) and got some discounted/discontinued MAC items! (TENDERTONES!) Gotta love discounts! Anyways, I will post pictures when I get home tomorrow night. My family is on vaca for the weekend in WI Dells so when I get home, I will put up some pics!

    2. Also got 3 new pairs of heels from Nine West on sale! In WI, all they have is an outlet mall. And honestly, I am in LOVE. I got 3 pairs of heels for $130, and normal price it would have cost me well over $250. Again, I'll post pics when I get home. =] 

    3. I really want to go to LUSH tomorrow night and wanted some recommendations. Any insight would be helpful. Rants and raves, you know. I've seen a ton of reviews and there's quite a bit on my list. I'll probably get the smallest sizes of everything to get a feel for it. Or even get some samples and then if I like it, go back for more. That's the smart way to do things. If there's one thing to know about me, it's that a scent can change my whole day. I love things that smell good. Soaps, lotions, shampoo, etc. Scents have a way of making my day better so if I like the smell, I tend to go all out. We'll see if Lush manages to do that to me. =] Hahaha!

    4. I made a new thing on top of my page!! =] I have photoshop and I really like designing graphics! I found the picture out there on the internet (let's face it - I'm no photographer) and just played around with it. It's simple but cute. If anyone ever wants one, I would be more than happy to make it. =] Give me a picture and what words you want on it and what colors.