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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Make Me Over


    This is me. If you had to guess my age, you'd probably say I was somewhere between 16-18. That's what I hear ALL THE TIME at least. (My painter thought I was 14 with no makeup - how embarrassing!) My family all looks young for their age. "You'll appreciate it when you're older." You're right, I probably will, but for right now, I hate it. I am 20 years old and very soon to be 21 and you would never really know. People still think I'm in high school. SO I really want to revamp myself. My makeup does me wonders. I definitely look older when I go all out with my makeup, but I think my hair needs a change. 

    I made a hair appointment for Thursday and I'm thinking of a new style. I am growing my hair out so going short isn't an option. (Plus, I've been there -- it really does make me look 14) I'm thinking of getting shorter layers near my crown so I can tease it and give myself bigger hair. Or I was thinking bangs, but I don't know - they're so much work. Last time I had them, I couldn't wait for them to grow out!

    Suggestions? Anything! And I wont take it as an insult -- unless, of course, you are obviously insulting me lol. I do look older with a tan, but I can't go tanning every day. I don't have the time and personally, I'm scared of what the results would be when I'm older. 

    This is the haircut I would love to have, but don't know if I could pull it off! These are the girls that do the amazing singing on youtube and I LOVE their hair. I just don't know that my face suits that hairstyle or how I'd even begin to get my bangs like that.  



    courtney said...

    ah i LOOOVE rin on the rox's hair! i want bangs like that too but i have a cowlick (i donno how to spell that hahah) so i cant do side swept bangs :( i definitely think you should do layers like you said so that you can make it fuller, and you should go for the rin on the rox hair style!!

    Jackie said...

    Those hairstyles are ADORABLE! I agree that layers and side bags will help.

    I'm sure you already know this but, make sure you tell them you want longg side bangs, I got my hair cut last November and wanted side bangs instead I got choppy short bangs that made me look like I was 10 .. haha atleast they're finally grown to normal side bang length

    Good luck! Definitaly post a picture if you get your hair cut :)