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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    In and Out 002!

    WHAT'S IN::
    1. Two day shipping for my HK! 
    2. Cream Team Lip Gloss ♥
    3. Possibly maybe going to see Lady Gaga in March!
    4. Visiting my fiance over spring break :]
    5. Finding gift cards you forgot you had to purchase MAC!
    6. Not going to Statistics class hahaha

    WHAT'S OUT::
    1. Waiting for HK to come to stores. I really need Fashion Mews because it wasn't available on Nordstroms for pre-order!
    2. Homework -- which is ALWAYS out.
    3. Forgetting to charge my camera AGAIN.
    4. The Navy lifestyle.
    5. Being pale -- I need to go tanning. 
    6. The creepy guy at Verizon's customer service.

    Anything you guys are absolutely loving (or hating) right now? I'd love to know! 

    1 comment:

    Krystallia said...

    I hate that we dont have a Mac store here and cant order on line cause they dont ship to Greece,hate that i cant stop eating junk food and i really have to loose weight,lol,love that i'm saving to finally visit the Mac that is in Heraklion(i live on Crete island),and i also love the weather here that is mostly sunny and not so cold during winter,although i love winter too!!