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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    Blush Recommendations!

    Krystallia, you know this is for you! lol But it can be for everyone else too. I have become quite the blush addict lately. I have many blushes, all from either Nars or Mac. (These are just my absolute favorite companies as far as blush goes!) Just for those that don't know, I am an NW20, but could honestly go down to NW15 in the winter. When I'm tan, I get to be an NW25 or NW30 and still rock the same colors. 

    -Well Dressed ♥
    -Tippy from HK 
    -Harmony ♥
    -Trace Gold
    -Petticoat MSF ♥ 
    -Bronzer (Golden)
    -Soft & Gentle MSF as a highlighter
    -Warm Soul -- mineralize blush

    -Laguna Bronzer ♥
    -Deep Throat ♥
    -Albatross (favorite highlighter!)

    ALSO, another really good investment would be the CS Blush and Contour palette. If I'm going on vaca, it is a lifesaver. It has everything in one which makes it really helpful! 

    If anyone else anymore requests, throw em my way! I'm going to have a LOT of time on my hands once I get this Accounting exam out of the way tomorrow! Love you guys!

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    Krystallia said...

    Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!I already put those in my list,you helped me so much!!I'll check the Mac ones as soon as i get there on the 28th and probably i will fill up at least one palette since i dont have many blushes.From Nars i have orgasm and i love it!!!