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    Friday, February 6, 2009

    MAC Haul (Well Defined!)

    Went to the MAC store yesterday and picked up some goodies! (Excuse the horrible quality of pictures -- I took them on my blackberry and I think the lens is dirty! My camera is charging)

    From left to right: 191 brush, 195 brush, Strobe Liquid, Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25, Turquatic perfume, Studio Sculpt concealer NC20.

    I like these brushes, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the concealer brush on the right. I love using it for concealer around my eyes because it feels like a finger. However, if I'm in a rush, I won't grab a brush, I will use my finger! lol But maybe this brush will help me prevent that from now on? The 191 foundation brush is good, but I'm not as crazy about it as my 109. It definitely helps push the product on your face but it takes FOREVER. And honestly, I sleep in a lot and don't have time to use this brush. I recommend the concealer brush though definitely! The other one isn't a "must-have!" 

    The Strobe Liquid is one of my new favorites! I mix it with my foundation and it gives me the perfect dewey look. Its light and just gives my face a really pretty glow! In the winter, I need that glow! Lol 

    And onto my new love: the Studio Sculpt Foundation. ♥ I LOVE it. The problem I always had with Studio Fix is that it either disappeared by the end of the day or felt way too heavy. (Though I did use it religiously for a long time!) Honestly, this foundation lasts, its light, and its buildable. All the things I've always wanted. I went out last night and when I got home, my whole face was still intact!!! I was amazing considering the crazy night I had (my friend's 21st!) Anyways, they say to "press" this into the skin with the 191 brush, but I prefer to use my fingers. I know, I know. That's not the "right" way, but it's the way that works for me and it's FAST. I actually get a lot of coverage using my fingers with this foundation than I have with any other foundation. 

    And finally...the Studio Sculpt Concealer. This is the best concealer I have yet. I only bought NC20 for my redness before I bought it in NW20 for my bad under eye circles. I wasn't about to buy 2 if the one wasn't good. So I bought it, and this concealer does not BUDGE! It's amazing. It doesn't move! I'm so happy with this line. I even went back and ordered the NW20 concealer! I have a lot of blemishes/redness so I really need a good concealer and this baby is it. I really love it and I think it's definitely worth the money.

    Turquatic perfume. LOVELOVELOVE this scent. I have no bad reviews today -- this has been the best haul I've had in a long time! I am head over heels for just about everything except the 191 brush. This scent is so amazing. I am horrible at describing perfumes so I can't even begin to try. But if you have the chance to smell this, please do. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite. Normally I wear D&G's Light Blue or Gucci's Envy Me (in case you were wondering what I normally like) but this perfume is definitely my new every day scent! The only thing I would change is it's size -- I wish it were a little bigger! 

    God, could that have been any longer? Lol I hope it was somewhat helpful! I also preordered my HK from Nordies!!!! I am so fricken excited! I wasn't THAT excited until I saw swatches then I just couldn't resist! 

    If any of you bought the Studio Sculpt, let me know if you feel the same. This could just be me, but this line really works for me! Everyone's different! :]


    Krystallia said...

    Ok i have to say what i say to everybody whos posts mac hauls!!I AM SO JEALOUS!!Havent tried anything yet beacause (i know i am reapiting myself but..)we dont have a mac store where i live and i am saving to get to the closest one(2 1/2 hours driving!)I've read that the foundations rocks,everybody says so,hope to be ok for me too,the 191 brush i have it too but i also use my hands :))Love ur blog!!Sorry for the long comment LOL !!

    deannamargaret said...

    @Krystallia, aww thank you! You're so sweet! I am lucky enough to have a MAC store 5 minutes away. (But at the same time...baaad for the wallet!) lol It's in my local mall which makes it extremely hard not to empty my bank account every time I go there! My fiance says I should aim to be a millionaire to be able to afford this makeup addiction =]