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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Black Lipgloss?!

    I will be the first to say I love makeup and the art aspect of it. But I find myself having a hard time wrapping my head around this...
    YSL sells to the normal, every-day consumer, you know? I went back to double check and I'm thinking maybe it's nail lacquer? Nope. It's lipgloss alright. 

    Would you buy this? What are your thoughts? 

    I know black is great especially in editorial makeup, but I don't really see people going onto the Neiman Marcus website looking for black lipgloss. 

    Sidenote, I'm about to treat myself to a YSL haul for getting through my accounting exam. =] Aaaand  I have a gift card, so why not? lol If you have any recommendations, let me know! I already have Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink and I think I might get another. Anything you LOVE or even hate, let me know!


    Hele said...

    I would never buy this, like you i'm surprised they even sell this!

    My favourites from YSL at the moment are the rouge pur lipsticks in 146 and 148 and the gloss pur in number 1. Rouge volupte no 2 is my favourite of those! x

    mizzworthy said...

    I know it looks horrendous, but I could imagine this looking great layered over a really strong matte lipstick, like a fuscia or red colour maybe - the rest of the look would have to be really toned down though...