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    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    In and Out 003!

    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to update! I do have a HK haul to get up here but I haven't had the chance. I've had so much school stuff to do! Hopefully after my Accounting exam on Tuesday, I'll get to that! For now, here's an in and out for you guys =]

    WHAT'S IN::
    1. Studio Sculpt foundation and concealer ♥
    2. MAC Retrospeck eyeshadow
    3. Getting a MAC gift card for Valentine's Day (They know me too well! lol)
    4. Versa Spa spray tan -- it's what mystic always should have been. 
    5. Chi Silk Infusion and Fekkai Glossing Shampoo 
    6. The boy coming home in 3 weeks for a visit! =]

    WHAT'S OUT::
    1. HK lipglosses -- they don't come out nearly as pigmented as they look!
    2. My 224 brush coming apart after 3 weeks. The metal part is loose! Agh!
    3. Not being with my fiance for V-Day and walking into a restaurant of happy couples.
    4. People who weren't happy about your engagement running to me to brag about theirs. 
    5. Plane ticket prices! They're getting ridiculously expensive!
    6. Realizing I'm not NC at all, and being stuck with NC25 SSF and loving the NW20 one way more.

    Leave me some comments if you have any requests! Favorite lippies, or eyeshadows, or whatever! I don't know what to write about and I want to know what YOU guys want! =]


    Krystallia said...

    Hi....i always like ur blog no matter what :)) Can u please suggest Mac blushes for the palette i'm about to start?I havent got a clue on what to buy!!

    Jackie said...

    I'm not sure if this is true but I heard on someone's youtube that some mac stores have warranty's on their brushes, you should try bringing it in!