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    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    What I'm Loving + Dazzleglass Haul

    Hi girls!
    Sorry I haven't been on much. Between school and other things, I've been quite busy. School alone keeps me preoccupied. However I will be done FOR GOOD in 18 days (do a happy dance)!!! So here's some info!

    1. Dazzleglasses
    Sugarrimmed (bought previously), Goldyrocks, Bare Necessity, Smile
    Baby Sparks, Moth to Flame, Girl's Delight

    2. John Masters Sea Mist + Clipless Curling Iron
    3. GOSH Darling Lipstick (actually worn above)
    4. China Glaze For Audrey nail polish
    5. EL Maximum Cover Foundation (Creamy Vanilla #3) ♥
    6. WEIGHT WATCHERS -- started this week and feeling great! 
    (NO MORE NAVY :)
    8. We're also moving in together this summer!
    9. 80 Degree weather!!!
    10. FOREVER 21 (I got the most gorgeous necklaces! Pics?)
    11. YSL Platform Pumps with the ankle strap 
    (Considering spending my tax return on these babies!)
    12. Cetaphil Cleanser & Moisturizer
    13. MAC's Hue Lipstick
    14. Prestige Bronzer - Glam Tan (New HG bronzer!)
    15. Finding the MAC Spiced Chocolate Quad for only $75! It's SO rare!
    16. MAC's Fleshpot Lipstick


    happy1234 said...

    Nice goodies you have there and your hair looks amazing!!:)

    Anonymous said...

    hue is amazing, im loving it too! im so happy that you get to be with your fiance yay!! you deserve it :) .. and ok i definitaly need to check out these new dazzleglasses haha

    Zoella. said...

    Yay about your boyfriend that's so exciting. Those Dazzleglasses look so pretty. Which is your fave? x

    Anonymous said...

    oh i love dazzleglass!!! it is love love!! congrats to u n ur fiance!!!

    cute post!!

    thanks for following my blog!!

    xoxo and spanks*

    deannamargaret said...

    @Zoella, Hmm a favorite? I'd say Baby Sparks and Sugarrimmed are my 2 favorites, but those aren't really new. Smile is also a really pretty color perfect for spring!

    courtney said...

    ooh you like the YSLs too? Im in love and want them, now! hows weight watchers? what all do you guys talk about/what have you been eating lately? im jealous i wanna go! ill live vicariously through you hahah

    deannamargaret said...

    @Courtney, I should make a post about my weight watchers for you lol Basically in the meetings you get weighed in and then you talk about tips and stuff on how to track your food or stay healthy. I have to track everything I eat. Honestly, I've been eating a lot of the weight watchers food. The frozen meals, the snacks -- they're all pretty good lol I feel really healthy, but at the same time, I'm hungry often. I can eat a lot. I mean fast food was my weakness so this hasn't been easy, but hopefully it'll be worth it when I lose the 20 lbs. =]

    courtney said...

    aww yay thats so exciting! good luck with it all :) im sure you can do it, and you still look great now!<3

    Meya said...

    show us your goodies from forever21!

    Anonymous said...

    I am also in love with dazzleglasses! I only bought 1 before the project 10 pan thing started, I really really want to buy more! Thank god its permanent, which color do you like most? And the MUFE HD primer is pretty good except that it doesn't have much oil control. If you want to control your redness and if you have normal skin, you should definitely try the green primer. It got pretty high ratings on makeupalley.com. :)

    Krystallia said...

    They look soooo nice!!!Great colours and i cant wait to see them in person asap!!!

    Belle Du Jour said...

    <3 Flespot with GoldyRocks over is AWESOME!

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