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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    My MAC Palettes!

    I told you girls this post was coming and here it is. My four MAC eyeshadow palettes. I love these so much. They are probably the pride and joy of my collection. Now don't laugh -- they're not the most organized as far as color goes. I'm very much a NEUTRAL girl so I have a ton of them. And then the colors are just kinda thrown in there based on when I bought them. I know which colors are in which palette basically by date. Is that sad? lol Well whatever, it works! =] Enjoy, ladies! 

    All four palettes side by side.

    Light Neutrals
    Row 1: Crystal Avalanche, Femme Fi, Retrospeck, Woodwinked, All That Glitters
    (Woodwinked was a casualty of de-potting! lol :)
    Row 2: Mylar, Nylon, Flip, Naked Lunch, Honesty
    Row 3: Vanilla, Ricepaper, Goldmine, Grand Entrance, Honeylust

    Darks/Random Colors
    Row 1: Juxt, Henna, Deep Truth, Graphology, Pin Curl
    Row 2: Swimming, Shimmermoss, Typographic, 100 Strokes, Smut
    Row 3: Humid, Sweet Lust, Nehru, Sketch, Knight

    Row 1: Amber Lights, Satin Taupe, Mythology, Copperplate, Beauty Marked
    Row 2: Wedge, Sable, Expensive Pink, Handwritten, Twinks
    Row 3: Cork, Antiqued, French Cuff, Embark
    (French Cuff is also a casualty of de-potting! :)

    Newest Palette (Not Organized!)
    Row 1: Shroom, Bronze, Gleam, Soft Brown, Digit
    Row 2: Shale, Mulch, Cranberry, Espresso, Contrast
    Row 3: Coquette, Trax, Copperring, Swiss Chocolate

    Those are my babies =] Is it sad to refer to makeup that way? lol
    Probably. More blogs to follow -- I told you I have so much more time on the weekends.
    My mom and I are about to head out and do major girlie shopping!
    That  Sephora sale is just TOO good to miss!


    Jackie said...

    holy crap this is like eyeshadow heaven! love the pallets!! neutrals are the best in my opinion :)

    macosophy said...

    i love your collection! it's so awesome. i also love neutrals so this is pretty helpful. i only have a pallete and 1/4 so far and it's growing slowly but surely, to be like yours one day :) and don't worry, i'm sure all of your followers totally understand when you refer them as your babies. can't wait to see what you got at sephora!

    happy1234 said...

    Fab collection - thats a lot of shadows!!

    Colette said...

    Oh I love it! MAC palettes always look so pretty. Great collection:) ♥

    Krystallia said...

    Very lovely collection,all the colours beautiful an i am sooo jealous!!I only started my second one and i must say it's such an addiction!!!Blush palettes as well!!:)))

    jess said...

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    Shortiee31 said...

    MAC heaven!! :)