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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    GOSH and Nars!

    I have been ordering things on the internet the past couple weeks, and things are finally starting to arrive! These 2 packages, however, I was MOST excited about. The rest came today but I have to take pictures later.


    -GOSH Darling Lipstick: this lipstick really is everything I hoped it would be. I know it's hard to see it on my skin, but it is so gorgeous on the lips. It's creamy and the perfect nude that doesn't make you look dead. I am so happy they finally decided to sell this in the US. I absolutely LOVE this lipstick.
    -GOSH Anemone Lipliner: I didn't order this so I'm assuming it was a free gift. That or someone packed my order wrong! lol Either way, I really like it. It somewhat reminds me of my Rimmel Eastend Snob lipliner. I'll admit I don't wear lipliner every day, but when I do, these are the sorts of colors I resort to. This one is just slightly darker than my natural lip color and it looks really nice on.


    -Nars California Eyeshadow: this color is beautiful. It's a really pretty copper-y brown. I'm not great at explaining colors, but Nars always does such a great job with their eyeshadows. It wasn't available at Sephora so I was really excited to order it. 
    -Nars Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer: LOVE this. It's a perfect nude-pink gloss. It is rather sticky though. I don't mind the stickyness personally, but if you hate it, I don't recommend this. The stickier the gloss usually means the longer it stays. It is such a fabulous color. I'm all about the perfect nude-pink mixture and this is one of them. 

    I am so avoiding my Stats studying to blog about makeup right now!
    Time to get back to it! Love you ladies! 


    Krystallia said...

    Nice haul!!!Isn't it wonderful to receive packages?I love it,makes my day!!!I have quite a while to order on line,lol,i should try it this week..

    Female_intuition said...

    wonderful haul! They sell GOSH l/S in the U.S now?! Where!? Girl you need to tell me! haha

    deannamargaret said...

    @Female_Intuition, I ordered it online! Go to www.goshcosmetics.com and select North America! =]

    Colette said...

    I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't tried Darling! Fabulous haul though*!*

    Ashleigh said...

    lipstick color looks perfect....think I might have to check it out

    Sarah said...

    ahh I want to get GOSH darling so bad! but the whole money thing is a bit of a problem right now :( love your blog! do you mind following mine?

    Belle Du Jour said...

    i love love love gosh! I am the US too and have to swap for it or pick up when I am in london!
    I love your blog, come stop by mine and say hi!
    Hope you to see you around!

    xx Belle