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    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Ask Me Anything!

    Hi ladies! Because I'm on vacation, it's hard for me to do posts on things such as my palettes and my Nars products. They're all back home in the Chi. Surprisingly, I didn't bring my palettes with me! I only brought a couple of quads and such. It goes without saying that everyone around me was shocked.

    SO in light of my situation, I am opening up my blog to any and all questions you would like to ask me. It can be makeup related or not! If you want to know something about me, just ask. Anything you want. However, if they get too personal, I may not answer them in my next post. I will leave this up for a day or two so everyone who wants to ask me something will get the chance. You are not limited to any number of questions. You can ask me 1 or 100. I don't mind! =] Also, if you comment and realize you forgot something, go back and leave me another! Hit me up as many times as you want! 

    I look forward to reading your questions, girls! 
    I will dedicate my next post to answering them!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    MY FOTD:
    (HORRIBLE pose I know, but you can see the makeup right? Hahaha)

    MAC Prep & Prime
    MAC Studio Sculpt (NW20)
    Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer (#2)
    Nars Cap Vert Bronzing Stick
    MAC Refined MSF
    MAC Brow Pencil (Stud)
    MAC Brow Gel (Clear)
    MUFE HD Powder

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    Chanel Plein Soleil Quad:
    [Top right color all over lid]
    [Top left color in inner crease]
    [Bottom right color in outer crease]
    Creme Royal from MAC Lucky Tom palette as brow highlight
    Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero in waterline
    MAC Blacktrack Fluidline 
    MAC Plush Lash Mascara (black)
    Chanel Exceptionale Mascara (black)

    Nothing! Haha till I got in the car! =]
    YSL Rouge Lipstick (#148 -- Tea Rose)
    YSL Gloss Pur (#1)


    Meya said...

    love the colors!
    looks gorgeous =]]

    Krystallia said...

    Love the look you did and you are a doll everytime so dont apologize all the time,Lol!!!!Now i want to ask...what is your real name,how old are you,have u ever been outside the Usa and if so where??Warning!!! I will be back with more questions and of course if you feel like answering them then do,if not,there is no problem,lol!!!!!

    Jackie said...

    i love your makeup!!.. the shadow is really pretty

    tried to think of some questions here goes:

    1. What do you do for work? (retail, etc..)

    2. When did you get really into make-up?

    3. What are you going to school for?

    4. If you could only buy make-up from one brand, what would it be?

    5. What is your favorite store(s) to shop at?

    6. If you could only keep 5 things in your whole collection what would you choose?

    7. What skin care line do you use?

    haha ok that's all i could think of and now i feel really nosy so you don't have to answer them all haha! this was a fun idea :)

    Tali said...

    Nice blog and I LOVE the tearose lipstick!!!!!! Its always out of stock where I go which is so annoying as ive run out!

    Meya said...

    theres a surprise for you on my blog! go check it out =]]