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    Friday, January 30, 2009


    So originally going hunting for a really cute pencil skirt, I ended up at Sephora. Surprise, surprise! I gravitated towards makeup. Me in Sephora or MAC is like a kid in a candy store. Anyways, I originally went to Wet Seal and was so disappointed! I had picked out a few things I really loved online and NONE of it was in the store. But I guess I'll have to stick to shopping online, which is nice because you can do it from your bedroom. :] 

    But I landed at Sephora, which is totally fine with me (not so okay for my wallet lol!) I only got a couple things, but I'm in love with every single thing!

    1. Stila Kajal Eye Liner (Onyx): I AM IN LOVE! I wont lie, I saw this pencil on TiffanyD's blog and she said she'll never go back to her UD Zero eyeliner, which was my favorite. I was sold when I saw her swatch and she was 100% right. This pencil blows UD right out of the water! The color is intense and long lasting. (Duh, isn't that what we all dream of in an eyeliner?!) I wore it from the time I got home till I took my makeup off and it didn't even budge. It's official -- it's my favorite new eyeliner! 

    2. MUFE HD Foundation (115): I wont be able to try this until tomorrow when I put on my makeup so I don't have a full review. However from what I saw (aka I wouldn't stop playing with it in the store to see if I wanted to spend the $40), it gives a lot of coverage for how light it is. I'm really excited to try it because I've been getting bored with my Studio Fix Fluid. So maybe after the week goes by I can do a little review on this to see how it held up! My friend bought it too and we came home, took off her makeup, and I applied it for her with a 109 brush. And honestly, WOW. It looked great! It made her skin glow and I only had to use a little less than 2 pumps to cover her whole face. I really loved it on her and can't wait to try it on myself tomorrow! *Fingers crossed I wont be disappointed*

    3. Juicy Couture Makeup Bag: I have walked by this bad boy a good 5 or 6 times, really resisting to splurge. Tonight, I was not so lucky! I had to get it! It's really big and as my makeup collection grows, I really need a makeup bag that is compact but will fit a lot. And this is going to do just that! It is pretty big (8 x 3.75 x 5.5) and has a ton of room on the inside. And it's pink :] Also, can I just say how excited I am that Juicy joined up with Sephora? I think Juicy is so feminine and classy and cute - I just loooove them! I think many girls have a weakness for their stuff, but are constantly pushed away by the price tag. 

    That's my little haul for today, but it was so worth the money! I don't mind spending if I really like the products and plan on using them. So very good buys today :] Hopefully I can get a MUFE HD Foundation review up soon, even though there are 100 other people out there that have already done one. lol! Oh well! 

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