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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    What's Your Summer Routine??

    Hi girls!
    Sorry I've been away -- we're condo hunting 
    and my house is being remodeled.
    It's a COMPLETE mess right now. 
    But I'm still here! 

    I'll update you on
    -Smudged grey eyeliner on top lid
    -Covergirl Lashblast (I see why everyone loves this now!)
    -MAC Eversun BPB
    -MAC Solar Riche Bronzer
    - MAC Face and Body Foundation
    -MAC Hue Lipstick + Nars Greek Holiday lipgloss
    -GHD Fat Hair Lotion
    -Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume
    -YSL's Bronzer (Summer collection) - LOVE THIS!

    In the summer, I just don't like to wear as much makeup. I go for some smudged eyeliner and a bright lip along with some really light foundation set with blot powder. Is anyone else lightening up on the makeup because of the heat? I haven't even used eyeshadow in about 3 weeks! I just haven't bothered because I know it's gonna feel heavy later! My summer faves thus far are:

    -Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer
    -MAC Face and Body Foundation or LM Tinted Moisturizer
    -Blot Powder or MAC MSF
    -MAC Fix+
    -YSL Bronzer (or any bronzer)
    -MAC Prep & Prime Setting Powder
    -MAC Phone Number eyeliner smudged on top lip
    -ELDouble Wear Eyeliner (Onyx) in waterline set with Carbon
    -Covergirl Lashblast
    -Tendertones/lip balms OR a bright lip

    What are your summer faves?


    courtney said...

    sounds nice :) i realllly need to go get the fave and body foundation but I'm too lazy haha. the closest MAC to me is still pretty far. but ive definitely been trying to wear less makeup too!

    Meya said...

    my routine right now is curl eyelashes, blush and lipgloss haha pretty much nothing.

    Anonymous said...

    ive always wanted to try the face and body foundation! isnt lashblast amazing! nothing else gives me as much volume as that!... im loving my bare minerals its so light and fresh for summer :)

    Anonymous said...

    My routine is kind of the same thing! I like to wear Tinted Moisturizers because it's lighter :)

    courtney said...

    oh and I tagged you in my post!! Check it out: