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    Saturday, May 30, 2009

    MAC Prep & Prime Finishing Powder Review

    Hi girls! 
    I'm reviewing the MAC Prep & Prime Finishing Powder (requested by Happy1234!)
    If she didn't request it, I would have any way because...
    Here's the positives and the negatives:

    +It stops me from being shiny longer than any other powder.
    +It really sets my makeup and doesn't add color.
    +It is now my HG finishing powder.
    +It is so much better than the MUFE HD Powder in my opinion.
    +Works really well at stopping oil along with MAC SFF and MUFE Mat Velvet foundations.
    +I think this is a must have for the summer! 

    -It's really messy, but that's it! I can deal with this lol

    I would say if you want to invest in a finishing powder, it would be this one. I don't have extremely oily skin, only an oily t-zone, especially in the summer. I don't know how well this would work on someone with really oily skin, but the good thing about MAC is that if you don't like it after a couple uses, you can always return it! 

    Yesterday, I went to the bank (and my bank is always so warm inside). I was wearing my SFF and set my makeup with the finishing powder. Well, I was getting really warm, and you know that feeling where you know you must be so shiny and your makeup is melting? Well that's how I felt. When I left the bank, I went to put some blot powder on my nose, and to my surprise, I HAD NO OIL ANYWHERE. I only had a SLIGHT shine to my nose. It was incredible to me. I mean I thought my makeup looked horrible cause I was so hot, but it was all still intact! 
    I'M SOLD!

    This is a new staple to my collection. This and blot powder are now my 2 summer must haves! Anything that keeps the oil under control is a must have. I hate when my skin is shiny -- I get so embarrassed!!

    Thanks for reading girls! I know I said I would update more, but I feel like I'm running out of things to blog about because I'm trying really hard to save money for my fiance and I to get our apartment! I did do some hauling though yesterday so look out for that! =] 


    happy1234 said...

    Thankyou so much for doing the review for me!! brilliant!! sounds like a must have for the make-up bag!! I have never really used a finishing powder before!! I know what you mean about finances, I am sooo having to cut down, I really need to save and cut back on make up for a while.:)
    Anyway thanks again

    Anonymous said...

    I love this powder too, I'm glad you like it! :)

    Shortiee31 said...

    I recently bought MAC's Blot Powder and it lasts all day long for me.. Woo no more shine :D x

    Kittynail said...

    Thanks for the review! I really wanna try this out!

    Liparazzi said...

    I'm almost finished my Dior Extreme Fixing powder and was thinking of getting a MAC one...I'm not pretty much sold!Thanks for the heads up on this product...enjoyed your blog. Come check out mine sometime! x

    patukiii said...

    Hi! thanks for following me!!
    This product is on my list as a christmas gift!!
    great review!!