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    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Moving...to Tumblr.

    To anyone who actually still follows me:
    1. HI!
    2. I'm sorry for not being any good at blogging
    3. Has it really been over 6 months since I've posted?! Shit!

    I often find it a little difficult to find time (and inspiration) for blogging.
    People want detail and pictures and descriptions.
    I actually love reading others blogs - I just can't find time for my own!

    Often times, my inspiration comes from a single photo or quote,
    and to attach words would almost take away from the meaning.

    Which is why I'm officially, as of today, moving over to tumblr.
    It's easier, and it's SIMPLE.
    Which is exactly what I need right now.

    Click. Follow. Reply with your links.
    I'd love to follow any of you who have one as well!


    Krystallia said...

    Hi!!!I cant believe its you :))I am so happy you are ok and yes time passes by very fast,i dont know what "tumblr" is but i will find out,lol!!!I feel exactly the same about blogging....i read others posts but no time for me to do a proper post of my own,lol!!!Did you get married yet?

    deannamargaret said...

    Hi hun!!! I know it's been SO long! I just don't have time for this blog anymore. Tumblr is a site where you basically just post anything. A picture, a quote, a blog (if you want). It's just super simple. I didn't get married yet. The date is June 25, 2011. =] It's far away but I'm sure it'll be here faster than I know. How are you?!

    Anonymous said...

    IS VERY GOOD..............................

    Krystallia said...

    I am fine!!I am pregnant and waiting from day to day to hold my little son!!Dont worry,time will fly!!Believe me and the day will be there soooo soon u wont believe it!!I am so happy for you and i am sure u'll be a gorgeous bride and the wedding will be perfect!!

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